Volunteers will play key role in Ark Day

Arkday we wide

AN ARMY of volunteer supporters will be playing a key role in Ark Day as they collect donations in Festival Place.

Ark Cancer Centre Charity supporters will be at several locations in the Basingstoke shopping centre from 10am to 4pm, and the team behind Ark Day hope that people will respond to the message at the heart of the campaign – you can help to make a big difference by donating just £1.

Mark Jones, director of fundraising and communications at Ark Cancer Centre Charity, said: “Thank you to Neil Churchill, centre director of Festival Place, and his team for allowing our Ark Day team to do this charity collection, and we hope that local people will support it generously.

“The message at the heart of this campaign is that there are nearly 180,000 people who live in Basingstoke and Deane, so it would make a big difference if everyone donated just £1 on Ark Day.

“Thanks so much to all of the people who have volunteered to help out by manning the collection points, and thanks to everyone who donates. Every pound counts.”

As well as making donations into the bucket collections, youngsters will have the chance to help paint a large ceramic Ark Day mascot Moneypenny pig, thanks to Pots2Paint, from Viables Craft Centre. Donations can be made to take part in the painting, and the completed pig will be sold to raise further funds for the Ark Day campaign.