About Ark Day

Ark Day is being organised by an independent committee working free of charge in the capacity of volunteers.

The organising committee is made up of a group of local supporters of Ark Cancer Centre Charity who have been involved over the past few years independently raising funds for the charity.

We have come together from local businesses and groups to bring you this event and although we ourselves are not a charity, we guarantee to fulfil our promise to collect all funds raised throughout the Ark Day campaign and donate them directly to Ark Cancer Centre Charity.

Nearly 180,000 people live in Basingstoke & Deane. If everyone donates just £1 on Friday, June 26, imagine the difference it would make to Ark’s £5m campaign.

As an independent group, we have a responsibility to ensure that events which bear our name are appropriate, that funds spent and raised are fully accounted for, and that organisers are supported to ensure that all participants enjoy this opportunity to support our work and enjoy a safe environment.

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